GameCo’s Video Game Gambling Machines Land International GLI Certification

GameCo, a leading developer of video game gambling machines (VGMs), scored big with Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) this past month.

GameCo CEO Blaine Graboyes announced in a press release that the company’s VGMs achieved GLI-11, GLI’s standard for slot machines and electronic table games.

Said Graboyes in the release:

“Obtaining GLI certification for the VGM is a huge milestone for GameCo, and for all skill-based gambling products. The next wave of consumers that are looking for new and innovative products to capture their attention and engage them as new casino players are here now.

It’s exciting to be at the forefront of the evolution of casino gaming.”

Why the GLI-11 standard exists

The GLI’s Section 11 standard was designed based on research and documentation gathered from regulatory and law-enforcement bodies in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States (21 states contributed).

With such a widespread body of information with which to work, GLI was able to provide a solid list of regulations.

Their purpose, according to GLI-11 documentation, is “to create a standard that will ensure that gaming devices are fair, secure, and able to be audited and operated securely.”

The standards are flexible, in that they don’t restrict “design, method, or algorithm” to allow for growth and innovation.

How GLI-11 certification can help GameCo expand to new gambling markets

With so many states contributing to the formation of GLI’s regulations, it makes sense that GameCo would leverage its certification to introduce its products in new markets.

For example, GameCo announced it is trying to introduce 20 machines into various Connecticut locations, which is one of the states that contributed to the formation of GLI-11.

GameCo continues growth beyond NJ

With the possibility of new terminals in Connecticut, GameCo continues to expand its operations in American casinos and gambling venues.

The company reached two milestones in the last four months.

In November, GameCo debuted Danger Arena at Caesars properties in Atlantic City. Then, in December, Tropicana Casino & Resort installed GameCo VGMs.

Danger Arena exhibits the new style of gameplay GameCo is introducing. Gamblers wager on 45-second games, in which they earn points by shooting aliens as they navigate a game board. When the round is over, payouts go to those with the highest score.

What makes these gaming machines unique is they are, according to GameCo, the first skill-based gambling terminals in US casinos.

The games were designed to attract millennials, who are less interested in traditional slots and table games than their gambling predecessors.