TEN Casino Owner Glenn Straub Under Investigation In Florida

It’s no secret in New Jersey and Atlantic City that Glenn Straub has a penchant for pettiness.

His reputation for repugnant behavior now seems to be the subject of an investigation in Florida. A TMZ-esque local website is reporting Straub is under investigation by the Broward Sheriff’s Office for filing fraudulent liens against a former lover.

Here’s what Gossip Extra said about the investigation:

“The billionaire former owner of the old Miami Arena is under criminal investigation by the Broward County State Attorney’s office for fraud. A spokesman for the county’s top law enforcer confirms developer Glenn Straub, 70, is under scrutiny for allegedly filing what could be fraudulent construction liens against the ranch and townhouse of a former lover in revenge for their breakup.”

Multiple publications confirm investigation

A day after Gossip Extra broke the story, Broward County’s Sun Sentinel and the Press of Atlantic City published their own stories about the investigation.

The information gathered about the case was sourced from, as far as we can tell, court filings by Straub’s area development company, Palm Beach Polo Inc.

Those documents indicate Straub’s company filed a lien against 33-year-old Jessica Nicodemo for “failing to pay more than $77,000 for construction and improvements done on two of her properties.”

Those properties, the Press of Atlantic City reports, are a ranch house and a condominium. Straub’s company installed fencing and did road work at the ranch and worked on the condo’s pool and patio.

Nicodemo’s lawyer, Elizabeth Parker, told the Sun Sentinel the evidence will reveal that Nicodemo does not, in fact, owe Straub any money.

Two Straub fiascos in one month

Straub also has a lawsuit out against another woman: 33-year-old Ashley Maguire, the 2008 Mrs. Florida International pageant winner.

Court documents say Maguire had a working relationship with Straub’s development company in which she was required to compensate the company for more than $100,000 paid toward her condo lease. She didn’t, and Straub’s company filed a lawsuit against her earlier this month as a result.

Maguire’s lawyer, Michael Pike, told the Sun Sentinel Straub is just another rich guy making life miserable for citizens and the judicial system, a refrain that’s quite familiar to those who’ve followed Straub’s shenanigans in Atlantic City:

“This is a classic example of the powerful abusing the judicial process and wasting judicial resources to attempt to create leverage in a demented love triangle,” Pike said.

TEN still shuttered, with no opening in sight

Straub announced last spring that the TEN Atlantic City (formerly the Revel) would open in June. But just like in 2016, his claim was empty. The TEN remains closed, and neither the owner nor the city has indicated when the property will open.

This was just the most recent in a string of comical mishaps and complaints from Straub, whose reputation among lawmakers and regulators has sunk to oceanic depths.

Image credit: John Arehart / Shutterstock.com