Resorts Adds Daily Fantasy Sports Product To Its Online Casino

Daily fantasy sports has finally come to New Jersey, but it’s not quite what you think.

Last week, Resorts Casino Hotel launched FastPick, a DFS game featured on its website. The game not only represents a new segment of gaming but also may woo DFS players to casinos, said Resorts CEO Mark Giannantonio in the Associated Press.

“We expect it to be exciting for our online customers, and soon, for those who play at our casino,” Giannantonio was quoted as saying. “The idea has always been for the brick-and-mortar casino to be integrated as much as possible with our online business.”

How FastPick works

FastPick is based on head-to-head matchups between real-life players, and gamblers select three to 10 for a game.

Gamblers choose the players from an available pool they think will have the best statistical games. The players they don’t choose become the casino’s lineup. Whoever has the most points at the end of the day’s games wins.

FastPick isn’t a traditional DFS setup because gamblers aren’t playing against other gamblers. It also employs a zero-sum player pool — the customer and the house can’t have the same players.

Despite these differences, there are enough similarities to earn FastPick the DFS label. The game:

  • Is based on statistics;
  • Uses real players;
  • And requires the creation of a virtual lineup.

Giannantonio says he sees FastPick making its way to kiosk-style stations on the Resorts gambling floor.

In the meantime, only players located in New Jersey can play the online game. According to one source, account deposits can be made via PayPal.

Why FastPick is a big deal

The significance of this launch is three-fold.

One, it marks the first time an Atlantic City casino has offered DFS through its website or casino floor.

Two, it gives casinos the chance to bring in DFS players who would never think about going to a casino website or a brick-and-mortar location to gamble.

Three, the launch comes at an interesting time, as the state’s lawmakers have passed a DFS bill that has not yet been signed by Gov. Chris Christie.

How will casino DFS competitions affect DFS legislation?

At the time of publishing, Christie has yet to sign the DFS bill that made it through the New Jersey Senate on June 30.

So the timing of Resorts’ DFS launch is interesting to say the least.

Had FastPick emerged a few months ago, New Jersey casinos could have argued that expanding DFS to sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo may have cut into their profits.

The current DFS bill has permit provisions for casinos and non-casino businesses, which means a company like DraftKings or FanDuel can operate in the state independent of a casino.

It should be noted the legislation does allow for partnerships between DFS businesses and casinos.